We carry a full range of your favorite domestic and imported beers at very competitive and reasonable prices in Maryland.


You have to stop by see the extensive line of wines that we carry. One the most impressive stock of wines available in Maryland.


The same cab said about our full line of spirits, one of the most impressive stock of spirits anywhere!

Harbour Wine & Spirits

Our mission is to provide our customers with a wide variety of the best products available in the categories of beer, wine, and spirits. We are committed to extending customer service at the highest level, surpassing competition in every aspect. Harbour Wine & Spirits has been serving the community for over eight years and employs a staff of knowledgeable, courteous and helpful professionals that are available to serve your needs or special requests. Thank you all for your continued support and patronage

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Harbour Wine & Spirits is simply the best liquor store in Anne Arundel County bar none. Harbour Spirits has very competitive pricing, a great knowledgeable & friendly staff and the new renovations are nothing short of excellent. You owe it to yourself to visit this place the next time you want Beer, Wine, Liqueurs or mixers.

Steve, Severna Park, MD


Liquor store reviews are fun but why the need? Do they have a wide variety, are they well stocked, are they nice, is this a good part of town? There are many reasons, not all liquor stores are equal! Do they have a wide variety? Yes! I was able to find everything I needed, they even had gift sets for the more popular alcohol. Is it clean? YES! When I was here, they were expanding and doing some work and everything still seemed to be clean and tidy. My only complaint was that I got a bunch of bottles of Asti and the bottles were dusty! Whaaaa? I can’t be the only one in anne arundel county who drinks it like it’s going out of style, right? Were they well stocked? Kind of. Most things they had only one or two of and I thought that was probably because of the renovations but they weren’t in the part that they were working on, so I’ll have to come back to answer that. Were they knowledgeable? Absolutely, YES! It was my first time here, they knew where everything was that I couldn’t find and they gave me many suggestions on similar wines or whiskey that I had a hard time picking out. They had great customer service. They had carts! Never been to a wine store with push carts, LOVE IT! The kind woman at the front gave my kids pretzels when they were getting rowdy and was so sweet about everything. All the employees looked well kept and well educated. Over all, nicest store I’ve been to in a while. Fairly close to me. Good prices. I got to use coupons for 15% off all my wine. Saved 12 dollars! Wohoo!  

HeatherQHeather Q.

Millersville, MD